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Apr 17 - DUCLOS - MacLean gr4 April 13-16

Mrs Maclean's gr 4 class had the priviledge of enjoying the excitement of the final week of C-School this week! Their ex...

Apr 3 - DUCLOS - LawtonGodziuk gr4 Mar 30-Apr 1

Mrs LawtonGodziuk's gr 4 class was thrilled to paticipate in a very special 3 day program this week! They had a super-ch...

Mar 27 - DUCLOS - Isert Mar 23-26 gr4

Mr Isert's gr 4 class was really excited to hear that they were going to have a special treat with the Radio Hosts: Dust...

Mar 20 - DUCLOS - Mercier Mar 16 - 19 gr3

Mrs Mercier's gr3 class had sticky fun, energy burning, detective hunting and many more adventures this week! Comments l...

Mar 13 - ARDMORE - Cory gr5/6

Mrs Cory's grade 5/6 class was so excited to participate in this year's C-School. Since this program is gr3-7, it was a...

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