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Feb 27 - DUCLOS - Ilko gr4

Mrs Ilko's grade 4 class had quite a hands-on learning experience this week! They were able to investigate the architect...

Feb 20 - ARDMORE - Primeau gr3/4

Mrs Primeau's grade 3/4 came to C-School this week! From the Zamboni Tour, that included a Simple Machines review and th...

Feb 11 - GLENDON - LeDrew gr3

LeDrew's grade 3s from Glendon had a great week! They started on the Friday and then continued on the following Mon-Wed...

Feb 5 - NOTRE DAME ELEM - Robinson gr4

Ms.Robinson's French class was so excited to see C-School this week! To experience hands-on learning with some French Im...

Jan 30 - NOTRE DAME ELEM - DeAbreu gr4

Mrs DeAbreu from Notre Dame Elem in Bonnyville were C-School's adventurers this week! As grade 4s, they they were so exc...

Upcoming Events

Mar 30 - Duclos - LawtonGodziuk gr 4



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